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ICB Short Course: Payroll and Monthly SARS Returns

Course Code ICB-PMSR

Course Overview

This course is a foundation level course and forms part of the ICB Financial Accounting Programme. This course equips students in the practices of the payroll function as well as the ethical considerations of a tax practitioner in private practice. Students that enrol for this course with the view of registering as a tax practitioner in private practice must complete the full ICB National Diploma: Technical Financial Accounting (SAQA ID: 36213) and register as a member with the South African Institute of Tax Practitioners (SAIT). You will be able to:

  • Calculate gross wages and salaries from time records or a productivity
  • Make and record the correct deductions and calculate net wages and salaries
  • Complete payslips, PAYE documents and other forms, showing Income Tax deductions
  • Disburse money for wages according to organisational requirements
  • Complete IRP 5 forms and documentation for the Receiver of Revenue according to legislative requirements

Course Information