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Office Administration Courses


ICB Office Administration Programme

This programme, registered on the South African NQF, is perfect for those who want to able to run, or contribute to the running of small business, office or practice. As you work your way through this programme’s 12 subjects, you’ll move up from the Certificate through the Higher Certificate and ultimately to the Diploma – and achieve their associated NQF qualifications. There are numerous roles available for you in business, depending on how far you go into the programme, including receptionist, marketing administrator, human resources and labour relations administrator, office manager, etc.  The knowledge you gain in each successive qualification builds on the last, allowing you to take on key functions and increased responsibility in your workplace.


TriVersita Short Courses

Triversita short courses are not registered on SAQA and designed for students who want to enhance their knowledge and skills in specific areas or interest. Students will complete work-based assignments instead of writing formal exams to embed practical application of the principles.