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ICB Higher Certificate: Office Administration

Course Code ICB-OA02

Course overview

This programme, registered on the South African NQF, is perfect for those who want to able to run, or contribute to the running of small business, office or practice. You will learn through a combination of printed materials and concept videos available on USB flash drives as well as online. As you work your way through this programme’s 12 subjects, you’ll move up from the Foundation Level through the Intermediate Level and ultimately to the Advanced Level – and achieve their associated NQF qualifications. There are numerous roles available for you in business, depending on how far you go into the programme, including receptionist, marketing administrator, human resources and labour relations administrator, office manager, etc.  The knowledge you gain in each successive qualification builds on the last, allowing you to take on key functions and increased responsibility in your workplace.

Who should take this course

This programme is ideal if you are:

  • Looking to land your first job
  • Wanting skills that make you employable in any business
  • Ambitious and want to be top of the list for promotions
  • Eager to learn the basics of marketing, bookkeeping, human resources and economics
  • Want to be able to set up, run and manage an efficient office environment.

What you will learn

  • Subject 7: Business and Office Administration 2 (BOA2)
  • Subject 8: Human Resources Management and Labour Relations (HRLR)
  • Subject 9: Economics (ECON)

What you will be able to do

  • Apply a range of office administration techniques and economics
  • Perform human resources and labour relations administrative tasks.

Which careers you can pursue

Students who complete this qualification could pursue a career as a:

  • Senior Office Administrator
  • Secretary
  • General Office Manager
  • Human Resources Administrator
  • Labour Relations Administrator

What you need to enrol

Certificate: Office Administration NQF L5 (SAQA ID: 23618)

How to enrol for this programme

You may enrol for the full qualification or choose the individual subjects from this programme you wish to study. Once you completed all the subjects of this qualification successfully you will be awarded the national qualification. Enrol with Triversita and register with the ICB as a student member (if you are a first time ICB student) and enter for assessment for the ICB programme and subjects you wish to be assessed on. You can do this online on the ICB website or download and complete the learner registration and assessment entry form available on for this subject and submit it along with the correct assessment fee to the ICB, showing the date you want to sit the assessment. You will receive an email from the ICB to confirm your assessment entry. Triversita will assist you with the process.

How tuition will be delivered

Distance Learning

How long you will study

9 Months Distance Learning

What materials you will receive

The programme fees include all study materials and postage expenses. Study materials include a textbook, study and solutions guide and a free USB drive containing videos and solutions playlists. The programme fee excludes ICB registration and assessment fees.

How much it will cost

Click here to download our Course Fee Schedule.

Distribution of Training Materials

Students who pay the full cash course fee will receive the training materials for all their subjects upon registration. Students who select the instalment payment option will receive their course materials for the first subject upon enrolment. Course materials for the following subjects in the enrolment programme will be distributed every three (3) months.

How you will be assessed

This programme is assessed by the ICB and involves three formative activities (assignments), two formative evaluations (tests) during your studies and one summative assessment (final examination) at the end of your studies. The assignments and tests are included in your Portfolio of Evidence (PoE) and counts 30% towards your final mark. You will hand in your PoE on the day you write your final examination. The final examination is written at an ICB assessment centre which is nearest to you and counts 70% towards your final mark. Final examinations are conducted quarterly in February, May, August and November for distance learning students.

Accreditation of the programme

This programme is accredited by the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers ICB) and registered at a NQF level 5 on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) with SAQA ID No: 23619. Triversita (ICB provider accreditation number 301103) is accredited with the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB) to offer tuition for this programme.

What certificate you will receive

You must successfully complete all three subjects that make up this qualification in order to receive the higher certificate. Upon the successful completion of all the subjects in this programme you will receive Higher Certificate: Office Administration NQF L5 (SAQA ID: 23619).

How to get professional recognition

Upon completion of this programme, you may proceed to become a member of the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers and Accountants (ICBA) as a Certified Senior Office Administrator and be entitled to the use of the CSOAIcba(SA) designation after your name.

How you can further your career

The Higher Certificate: Office Administration is the intermediate level of the office administration programme of the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers. Successful completion of this programme allows entry into the ICB Diploma: Office Administration NQF L6 (SAQA ID: 35958).