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Entrepreneurship Courses


ICB Entrepreneurship Programme

If you have dreams to start, manage or develop a small/medium sized business, or want to help grow an established local company to a global enterprise, this is the study stream for you. This programme teaches and takes you through the process, knowledge and skills required to create a new venture, the management skills and knowledge to manage the venture and culminates in the exploration of the knowledge and skills to grow the venture as an entrepreneur through the principles creativity and innovation. It further covers specially-selected subjects to give you the financial, accounting and commercial skills you’ll need to make your business a success. The course also covers strategy, marketing, human resources and the personal skills required to manage a sustainable business. The Foundation Level will give you a good grounding. Keep studying to achieve the Intermediate and Advanced Levels, and their associated NQF qualifications.

TriVersita Short Courses 

Triversita short courses are not registered on SAQA and designed for students who want to enhance their knowledge and skills in specific areas or interest. Students will complete work-based assignments instead of writing formal exams to embed practical application of the principles.