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Business Accountant

National Diploma: Financial Accounting NQF L6 (SAQA ID 20366)

Course Code ICB-BM03

Programme Overview

This is just the ticket if you have ambitions of managing a small business and its finances. Good business management is vitally important for a company’s commercial success. In this programme, you’ll learn about business management at a strategic level. This include business strategy, the principles of financial management and costing as well as financial reporting. In South Africa the labour force is increasingly called upon to be self-employed or to seek employment in small businesses in contrast to the past where the majority of workers were employed by large companies and the State. Unfortunately, many small businesses do not survive because of poor financial management and strategic planning. This qualification is the Advanced and Final Level of the ICB business management programme that aims to help you with your development into a well-rounded multidisciplinary manager with improved decision-making abilities in a variety of business contexts and challenges. Upon completion of this qualification can be in charge of a business and/or its financial affairs or join SAIBA and start your own consulting practice. This programme is ideal if you are:

  • Interested in being part of a company’s management team
  • Determined to help a business grow and increase profits
  • Driven to run a company’s operations economically
  • Keen to learn how to run a company efficiently
  • Looking to start your own business someday but want to gain experience first

Programme Information