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ICB Short Course: Bookkeeping to Trial Balance

Course Code ICB-BKTB

Course Overview

The programme is a foundation level course and forms part of several of the ICB programmes. It assumes no accounting knowledge and equip students with all the knowledge required to maintain a set accounting records for a business. This programme is essential for students who are responsible for the bookkeeping function within any organisation, who responsible for financial control in any organisation as well as entrepreneurs and business owners who need a solid understanding of the workings of an accounting system. You will be able to:

  • Administer credit purchase and credit sales transactions.
  • Apply knowledge of income, receipts, payments and expenses.
  • Administer Value Added Tax (VAT) transactions.
  • Complete reconciliation statements, general ledger accounts and trial balances.
  • Administer petty cash.
  • Apply knowledge and understanding of personal taxation.
  • Apply knowledge of business taxation.
  • Record business financial transactions.


Course Information