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National Certificate: Bookkeeping NQF L3 (SAQA ID: 58375)

Course Code ICB-FA01 

Programme Overview 

Want to be able to offer indispensable bookkeeping and accounting skills, or become an accountant someday? This is the programme for you to build a lucrative career in bookkeeping and accounting. No business can function without the critical expert skills of a bookkeeper. The financial records must be maintained and the funds of the business managed and maintained by highly skilled and experienced individuals. This qualification is the Foundation Level of the ICB Financial Accounting Programme and will be achieved after successfully passing just four intensive subjects. With this qualification you will be able perform the role of junior bookkeeper in an organisation or take on other roles where your skills will be in high demand. Keep on studying and you’ll progress through the Intermediate levels to the final, Advanced Level. There is a total of 12 subjects in the ICB Financial Accounting Programme which build on each other that will equip you with knowledge and practical skills in bookkeeping, financial accounting, income tax, financial management, reporting standards, corporate strategy, management accounting and research. This programme is ideal if you are: 

  • Keen to gain skills and knowledge that are useful in any business
  • Aiming to be employed in a finance department
  • Assisting with the finances of a growing company
  • Thinking of opening your own bookkeeping practice one day
  • Known to have a good head for numbers

Programme Information